Κυριακή 2 Μαρτίου 2014

Unique! Vintage opaline glass vase Kastrup Holmegaard Danish modern, rare

A unique and extremely rare vase from the Danish company, Kastrup glass. 
I am many years collector of Scandinavian Modern, and i have never see something like this again.
 The vase is in great vintage, like new condition with normal age wear, and the original sticker. 
Made from white opaline glass. The base is made from brass and Teak wood. The wood part at the upper neckband is teak wood. 
I have put protection felt at bottom to protect the vase from direct contact with the metal base. 
Each side of the vase has dimension (all dimension aprox.) is 20cm or almost 8 inches. The neckband is 2cm or 3/4 of inch. The metal/teak base is 21cm / 8 1/3 inch high. The total high (base and the vase) is 30cm / 11 3/4 inches. The opening of the upper side of vase is almost 11cm / 4 1/3 inches.
 The vase has no chips, cracks, scuffs. Is it in stunning condition, and it is extremely rare with unique Japan style design, probably made is the 50's or early 60's from Jacob Bang. 
Personal collection