Δευτέρα 7 Απριλίου 2014

2 SATINATO vintage cased glass vase by Carlo Moretti Murano

2 excellent vases from Italian Carlo Moretti in lovely dark blue and red color. 
The shape is like ufo or mushroom. Excellent piece of work by Carlo Moretti at the decade of 1960's.
 Both vases are in excellent condition no chips or cracks or scratches, see the pictures. At the blue vase the under of the bubble area the satinato is a little different than the other parts of the vase (see the pictures). 
The blue vase has the original sticker. 
Measures approx 7 inches tall (18 cm) by 4 3/16 inches in diameter at the upper open (10.5 cm) each. 
Personal collection