Τρίτη 8 Απριλίου 2014

2 x Huge Vintage wood lamps by Jorgen Wolff

2 x Huge ceiling vintage lamps in Oregon pine wood. 
Designed by Jørgen Wolff (the correct writing for this name is with 2 f's ) for Torben Ørskov, Denmark. 1950's. 
This is real big ceiling lamps that will look great in a big loft or in the place you choose. 
They are in great vintage condition without chips or cracks, only sings of use here and there from the age. 
All the electric parts are new, and the cord is very long about 106". 
The two Otto Brauer are not include in this sale, and they are 10" and 12" high. 
It is 61 cm tall (24"). They are extremely rare. 
(scroll down to see a photo that i found at the internet, by a professional photographer, for the same lamp but in the floor edition)  
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